Why should you select Siyona Modular Kitchens?

Go modular if you are looking at the most simplest form of kitchen .It is convenient and adds style to your apartment or house .Here is a chance to add something to your own home .A modular kitchen is basically designed to optimize functionality and use of space .They use various modules or units of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials to hold your kitchen accessories inside .The basic structure is extremely practical ,the units on the floors are called base cabinets ,they serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop which is usually made of marble, granite or tile .The ones fastened on the walls for storage purpose is called wall cabinets .

Modular Kitchen furniture in Gurgaon

Source: Siyona.net

We at Siyona Enterprises, a Gurgaon based company offers you our most popular designs:

  • Disha kitchen Range

    is the basic kitchen, which has a waterproof 19mm board, carcasses with both sides laminated, standard depth with 560mm base and 300 mm top board with membrane shutters and wire accessories.

  • Annapurna kitchen Range

    which is a rubber wood kitchen the carcasses have 18 mm Marino ply, standard depth is 560 mm base and 300 mm for top cabinet with solid rubber wood and wire accessories.

  • Anusuya kitchen Range

    which is laminated century ply with veneer shutters carcasses of 18 mm Marino ply standard depth is 560 mm and 300mm for top cabinet and wire accessories.

  • Sulaxna kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and Hi gloss shutters.

  • Gargi kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and glass shutters with glass or Hi gloss.

We are the authorized dealers of ultra fresh kitchens specializing in mild steel termite proof kitchens suitable for lifelong durability.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

Source: Siyona.net

Why should you select Siyona modular kitchens?

  • Our kitchens are planned keeping your needs in mind .Our designs offer you perfect combination of convenience and easy accessibility.

  • Our state of the art modular kitchens come with a warranty of quality and excellence.

  • We go beyond your expectations and provide you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solutions.

  • Our team compromises of experienced designers and expert technicians who will make sure that your kitchen has a hassle free installation from start to finish.

We use boiling water resistant ply as base material for cabinets which is best suited keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions. Our hardware is all Italian/German with soft closings and high weight bearing capacities .We use high quality Marino tops which are hard and non porous in nature making it anti fungal and scratch resistant .

So set up sit back and enjoy the sight of your new kitchen!

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