Why should you select Siyona Modular Kitchens?

Go modular if you are looking at the most simplest form of kitchen .It is convenient and adds style to your apartment or house .Here is a chance to add something to your own home .A modular kitchen is basically designed to optimize functionality and use of space .They use various modules or units of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials to hold your kitchen accessories inside .The basic structure is extremely practical ,the units on the floors are called base cabinets ,they serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop which is usually made of marble, granite or tile .The ones fastened on the walls for storage purpose is called wall cabinets .

Modular Kitchen furniture in Gurgaon

Source: Siyona.net

We at Siyona Enterprises, a Gurgaon based company offers you our most popular designs:

  • Disha kitchen Range

    is the basic kitchen, which has a waterproof 19mm board, carcasses with both sides laminated, standard depth with 560mm base and 300 mm top board with membrane shutters and wire accessories.

  • Annapurna kitchen Range

    which is a rubber wood kitchen the carcasses have 18 mm Marino ply, standard depth is 560 mm base and 300 mm for top cabinet with solid rubber wood and wire accessories.

  • Anusuya kitchen Range

    which is laminated century ply with veneer shutters carcasses of 18 mm Marino ply standard depth is 560 mm and 300mm for top cabinet and wire accessories.

  • Sulaxna kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and Hi gloss shutters.

  • Gargi kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and glass shutters with glass or Hi gloss.

We are the authorized dealers of ultra fresh kitchens specializing in mild steel termite proof kitchens suitable for lifelong durability.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

Source: Siyona.net

Why should you select Siyona modular kitchens?

  • Our kitchens are planned keeping your needs in mind .Our designs offer you perfect combination of convenience and easy accessibility.

  • Our state of the art modular kitchens come with a warranty of quality and excellence.

  • We go beyond your expectations and provide you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solutions.

  • Our team compromises of experienced designers and expert technicians who will make sure that your kitchen has a hassle free installation from start to finish.

We use boiling water resistant ply as base material for cabinets which is best suited keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions. Our hardware is all Italian/German with soft closings and high weight bearing capacities .We use high quality Marino tops which are hard and non porous in nature making it anti fungal and scratch resistant .

So set up sit back and enjoy the sight of your new kitchen!

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Amazing Facts About Modular Kitchen Furniture

Gone are the days when Kitchens were only meant for cooking, but today, it has taken a new edge with emergence of a new concept of interior designing. Trend of Modular kitchen in Gurgaon is expanding dramatically with every 9 out of 10 customers demanding for modern styled kitchens. In addition to just preparing food, you can now sit in beautiful designed area, get entertained, do homework, or do whatever task; you wish to perform with ease.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Spacious and bright, multifunctional and cozy fashionable kitchen area style is extremely standard. If you wish to form purposeful, fascinating and engaging kitchen, you can have it by installing Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon. With spending few bugs on kitchen renovation, you can transform your recent kitchen area or have a brand new setting if planning to buy a new house. There are multiple fashionable style trends can assist you create smarter choices.

Modular kitchen in Gurgaon is an innovative concept which has significantly revolutionized Indian kitchens and prepared it easy for you to systematize every single item inside your cooking area. Have you ever wondered what actually modular kitchen design is. Here is the answer! A standard kitchen area could be a layout with pre-manufactured modules or elements for effective and economical use of the house provided within the kitchen area. Its layout and style fully depends upon the obtainable house in your kitchen area.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

The installation of a Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon involves the renovation of ground and the walls as well; the cupboards and the storage units during this designer kitchen area are created from same components and designed for a snug use, wherever you may realize good ideas for storing kitchen area accessories. In Installation of a standard kitchen area, the first step to start out the transformation of your kitchen area is to style your standard kitchen area then proceed with the cupboards.

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It takes around 2-3 days to finish the installation, relying upon the realm and size of the kitchen area you’ve got. The installation of kitchen area cupboards may be simply done by yourself otherwise you will order your standard kitchen area from your nearest dealer, which can take around three to four weeks for your complete order dealing. From straightforward and plain wood cupboards to high gloss kitchen area cupboards, you’ve got such a large amount of choices obtainable to settle on from. So, let’s plan to have modular kitchen for our dream house and make it look impressive.

How Modular Kitchen Furniture can Keep You out of Trouble?

Remodeling a spacious kitchen is not a big deal but doing it same for a small kitchen where you have spec constraints is bit tedious. You are limited with the area to be redesigned, so one asks for compact and sleek Kitchen Interiors in Gurgaon for more space utility and usefulness at same time. To overcome such space constraints and give a trendy and sleek look to the kitchen interiors, there evolve various unique storage solution, ideal for any dream house.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

No matter what, you live in a small apartment or large villas, you all have the right to have perfect and innovative modular kitchen designs at reasonable price. Using unique storage solutions, having apt kitchen interiors in Gurgaon ensures you will have lot of fun while cooking. You can opt for mixing natural and ambient lighting, along with carefully chosen appliances; you can significantly make it more functional and user friendly. Using the space effectively and in right manner can avoid lots of unexpected troubles to happen in the kitchen area.

You will have enough area to move from here and here, locate your essentials in kitchen cabinets; well spacious sink area and perfect flooring keep trouble out of your way. If you have got small area to style then the matter of coming up with an excellent pattern to match your requirements is obviously, a challenging task. But technology has simplified everything; you can now have perfect modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon, that too in cost effective manner. There are many alternative cupboard styles and surface patterns which will assist in creating perfect kitchen style, the way you want.

To create small kitchen, stylish yet economical, you need to figure out what best designs will suit your demands. There exist 3 major areas of such design: storage, lighting, and appliances. Small kitchens appear to be a really troublesome in terms of styling and pose bit challenge, however they will even be purposeful, lovely and economical. Even with little budget and building restrictions, you’ll be able to realize that there are several choices receptive to help remodel your kitchen interiors into one thing that is ideal for your desires.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

To make it look more spacious, have Modular Kitchen interiors in Gurgaon that suggests distinctive storage solutions, combination of natural and close lighting, taking advantage of space available with purchase of space saving appliances. This adds personalized touches for enhanced grace to your kitchen area in much effective manner.

Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon- Add Glamour to Messy Kitchen Area!

A kitchen designer can assist you create selections in having absolute Modular kitchen in Gurgaon by installing best cupboard hardware and finishes which will best enhance your room vogue. You’re absolute to feel flooded at some purpose within the method. Your eyes could glaze over as you scrutinize stacks of style magazines or after you examine your oddly formed change of state space. Or worse, it should hit you once the work is completed, as you step back to see your style creation and spot mistakes that area unit currently too pricey to mend. So once does one decide it’s time to decision in an exceedingly professional?

Modular Kitchen furniture in Gurgaon

Modular Kitchen furniture

Designer’s forte to assess difficult areas and see completely different choices, as an example, designer suggests Modular kitchen in Gurgaon along with adding natural lighting to a slim, dark kitchen area by putting windows higher than wall cabinets—or below them, within the house unremarkably reserved for a backsplash. If you lack space for storing, an indoor designer will counsel the newest or best suited choices in cupboard design and storage to assist maximize your house.

Designing a room involves selecting materials and appliances; determinative a layout; operating through plumbing and electrical configurations; and then far more. Knowledgeable room interior Designer will facilitate place all of those items along therefore you get the room of your dreams. On the dirty, messy journey referred to as room transforming, there are however benefits to having knowledgeable designer as a guide for having Modular kitchen in Gurgaon. The professionals will assist you budget with wisdom, avoid mistakes, create the house lovely and purposeful, and open doors to new and specialized resources.

Do you have too several doorways? Not enough storage? No windows? Angulate walls or ceilings? If you’re scratching your head over these complicated style problems, it should be time to decision in a knowledgeable. When this happens, folks have an inclination to either table the project indefinitely or create pricey mistakes. Why not ask for some steerage from an expert when going for Modular kitchen in Gurgaon?

Modular Kitchen Designs

They love coming up with kitchens, and they are super educated regarding the way to create the foremost of the house and regarding what is safe. The room demands a specialist, rather like you move to a doctor specializing in a very a part of the body, room designer is that the specialist for that a part of the house. Interior Designers know what is best fit for house and why the elements are necessary. You are going to try and do it right the primary time with a designer.

Look for Specialized Interior Designer to place Modular Kitchen Furniture in Gurgaon!

Designing your home’s interior by yourself or through professionals might call for extra time and efforts before actual execution work out. Through analysis of needs and desires are weighted to give final look. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that you just can truly be happy with the results. It’s far better plan to rent professional who are skilled in providing Modular kitchen furniture in Gurgaon if you’re not certain whether or not the interiors you’ve got in mind is basically an honest alternative or if you merely aren’t sure what you really need.

Modular Kitchen Furniture

To transform an uninteresting and impractical home into a classy and useful one, you wish lots of creativeness and Modular kitchen furniture in Gurgaon. However, the majority has the creativeness required in them and you possibly have it yourself. To do so, you simply ought to confirm what you prefer and what you wish to alter in your home, check some interior styles and appearance for a few tips and ideas, and also the results are often wonderful. If you’ll be able to complete the project by yourself sort of a pro or not depends on many factors like the dimensions of your project however nothing is not possible if you actually need it (and after all, if you’ve got some basic DIY skills and tools).

Interior designers are trained to create the toughest selections for you by assessing the quantity of house you’ve got, your way, your budget and your style for vogue and sweetness. They’re going to consult you for each slightest detail unless you’re feeling fully snug deed them over the inside coming up with utterly. Detain mind, however, that interior style could be a broad term that encompasses near to everything from discipline options to the slightest details like the selection of pillows for your lounge. Confirm that services you really would like, particularly if you’re having difficulties assembling enough cash for an honest designer meant for applying Modular kitchen furniture in Gurgaon.


An interior designer evaluates and styles interior living and work areas to create them useful, appealing associate degreed well-suited to an owner’s wants. A designer should communicate effectively with esteemed customers to create certain planning fits the owner’s vogue and purpose and thereafter suggests implicating Modular kitchen furniture in Gurgaon. As a designer, you need to produce ornamental layouts for homes, workplace complexes, medical facilities, restaurants, and stores, places of worship, airports and hotels. Employment could embody making color palettes, choosing acceptable furnishings, and accessioning the house with materials, wall hangings, window treatments, lighting fixtures and flooring.