Get the best designs of kitchen for your place – choose Modular kitchen

Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon, as the name indicates, is formed of ‘modules’, that is, each component of the kitchen are made of small, medium and large individual pieces joined together with rivets, latches and connections and can be detached if they wear out (after a long time) or when you shift to a new place (you can simply pack your kitchen in a box and leave) upon which they can be joined again.

Modular Kitchen Designs in Gurgaon

The concept of Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon has been developed keeping in mind the busy schedules of people who can’t spend more time looking for stuff like bowls, ladles or plates than preparing food. Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon works on the principle of space utilization and gives an uncluttered and well- organised system of arrangement.

Every part of the kitchen, from shelves to drawers to the most important parts like the chimney and the sink, as mentioned above, is made of several detachable units (or modules). You can even have the cabinets and drawers attached to the walls or have them in a hanging fashion. Their sleek and smart design not only gives you a sated feeling but also makes cooking a lot more fun.

Almost all of you have their living rooms designed with state-of-the-art accessories. Why not apply this to your kitchen as well? An ideal kitchen should have an environment where cooking and frying becomes not an ordeal, but a memorable experience. It should be a gourmet’s paradise. Move over from the traditional shelf based kitchens where the hastily plastered wash-basin lies in a corner with cups, plates, glasses and other cutlery items are haphazardly arranged and in order to look for a bowl or a spoon, you have to rummage through a variety of other items with clinking and clanking noises filling the kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Furniture in Gurgaon

In a world where modular kitchens have become the term du jour, one cannot lag behind in terms of a good cooking experience. So move over from the conventional concrete-plywood based shelves and counter tops and welcome the modular kitchen in your lives.


Have a neat, clean and stylish home with the best Wardrobes designers in Gurgaon!

The most important factor to consider while doing a wardrobes design is of course the “space” available. The kind of lifestyle we are living g in, we have a lot of stuff to store, and for this we require some space to stuff our things in a proper and organized way. Now, the challenge that might come is again the constraint of having less space! But you actually do not need to worry anymore as there is an option of wardrobes designers, and if you are looking for the same in Gurgaon then, Siyona is the best option available for it. We have the skills and the expertise to design the perfect wardrobes for you as we use the latest technology and machines in the making of these wardrobes and our experts make sure that the wardrobes designs suits your requirement and changes the entire persona of your home interior!

Interior Decoration Services Gurgaon

Ax we said that we customize the Wardrobes as per the client’s requirement, mainly in terms of design, color and style. The optimum quality of wood is being used in the manufacturing of these wardrobes so that excellent finishing and durability is achieved. We make sure that our wardrobes give a unique modern décor to your home, and matches with the esthetics of the different products around!

We understand that the best Wardrobe Designers in Gurgaon design with custom sliding wardrobes can only be achieved when key factors are considered, such as, main purpose of wardrobes, the size available, allocated budget and accessibility. You all know that size is a limiting factor in preferred interior design, so a realistic design is made first and then finalized after seeing its adjustments with the surroundings. For example: if we are making bedroom wardrobes, the best idea is to include a combination of shelving, drawer space and hanging space.

Our clients can have the benefit of availing the latest design of wooden wardrobes that includes, hanging spaces, pull out baskets, drawers and sliding shelves etc. To ensure the safety of your valuables lockers and quality locks are also available. You can have a mirror in front of the wardrobes, so that the space of the dresser could be saved. All our wardrobes are widely used in homes, hotels, and other establishments.

Modular Kitchen Furniture

So, do experience the great services offered by; and indulge in making a customized and elegant space to organize your valuables and other stuff! By choosing us, you will be assured with best prices, best customer service and best Wardrobe Designers in Gurgaon which will be over and above your expectation!

Why should you select Siyona Modular Kitchens?

Go modular if you are looking at the most simplest form of kitchen .It is convenient and adds style to your apartment or house .Here is a chance to add something to your own home .A modular kitchen is basically designed to optimize functionality and use of space .They use various modules or units of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials to hold your kitchen accessories inside .The basic structure is extremely practical ,the units on the floors are called base cabinets ,they serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop which is usually made of marble, granite or tile .The ones fastened on the walls for storage purpose is called wall cabinets .

Modular Kitchen furniture in Gurgaon


We at Siyona Enterprises, a Gurgaon based company offers you our most popular designs:

  • Disha kitchen Range

    is the basic kitchen, which has a waterproof 19mm board, carcasses with both sides laminated, standard depth with 560mm base and 300 mm top board with membrane shutters and wire accessories.

  • Annapurna kitchen Range

    which is a rubber wood kitchen the carcasses have 18 mm Marino ply, standard depth is 560 mm base and 300 mm for top cabinet with solid rubber wood and wire accessories.

  • Anusuya kitchen Range

    which is laminated century ply with veneer shutters carcasses of 18 mm Marino ply standard depth is 560 mm and 300mm for top cabinet and wire accessories.

  • Sulaxna kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and Hi gloss shutters.

  • Gargi kitchen Range

    has carcasses with marine ply and glass shutters with glass or Hi gloss.

We are the authorized dealers of ultra fresh kitchens specializing in mild steel termite proof kitchens suitable for lifelong durability.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon


Why should you select Siyona modular kitchens?

  • Our kitchens are planned keeping your needs in mind .Our designs offer you perfect combination of convenience and easy accessibility.

  • Our state of the art modular kitchens come with a warranty of quality and excellence.

  • We go beyond your expectations and provide you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solutions.

  • Our team compromises of experienced designers and expert technicians who will make sure that your kitchen has a hassle free installation from start to finish.

We use boiling water resistant ply as base material for cabinets which is best suited keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions. Our hardware is all Italian/German with soft closings and high weight bearing capacities .We use high quality Marino tops which are hard and non porous in nature making it anti fungal and scratch resistant .

So set up sit back and enjoy the sight of your new kitchen!

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Amazing Facts About Modular Kitchen Furniture

Gone are the days when Kitchens were only meant for cooking, but today, it has taken a new edge with emergence of a new concept of interior designing. Trend of Modular kitchen in Gurgaon is expanding dramatically with every 9 out of 10 customers demanding for modern styled kitchens. In addition to just preparing food, you can now sit in beautiful designed area, get entertained, do homework, or do whatever task; you wish to perform with ease.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Spacious and bright, multifunctional and cozy fashionable kitchen area style is extremely standard. If you wish to form purposeful, fascinating and engaging kitchen, you can have it by installing Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon. With spending few bugs on kitchen renovation, you can transform your recent kitchen area or have a brand new setting if planning to buy a new house. There are multiple fashionable style trends can assist you create smarter choices.

Modular kitchen in Gurgaon is an innovative concept which has significantly revolutionized Indian kitchens and prepared it easy for you to systematize every single item inside your cooking area. Have you ever wondered what actually modular kitchen design is. Here is the answer! A standard kitchen area could be a layout with pre-manufactured modules or elements for effective and economical use of the house provided within the kitchen area. Its layout and style fully depends upon the obtainable house in your kitchen area.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

The installation of a Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon involves the renovation of ground and the walls as well; the cupboards and the storage units during this designer kitchen area are created from same components and designed for a snug use, wherever you may realize good ideas for storing kitchen area accessories. In Installation of a standard kitchen area, the first step to start out the transformation of your kitchen area is to style your standard kitchen area then proceed with the cupboards.

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It takes around 2-3 days to finish the installation, relying upon the realm and size of the kitchen area you’ve got. The installation of kitchen area cupboards may be simply done by yourself otherwise you will order your standard kitchen area from your nearest dealer, which can take around three to four weeks for your complete order dealing. From straightforward and plain wood cupboards to high gloss kitchen area cupboards, you’ve got such a large amount of choices obtainable to settle on from. So, let’s plan to have modular kitchen for our dream house and make it look impressive.

Remodel Your Bedroom with Brilliant Interior Decoration Services

Bedroom is a part of your dream house where after long hectic day, feels to get recharged over again and rest for a while and lost in real relief after daily stress. To achieve so, ask for best interior decoration services Gurgaon to bring your dreams into reality. It should be a face of your personality and should reflect the same feel, what you want to show it up.

interior decoration

It needs to be designed with a unique style, without overcrowding it with design ideas, still fabulous in every sense. Need is to get ideal interior decoration services Gurgaon to get it done with precision. Get rid of useless materials that are hauling your idea of spacious and desirable special retreat. Many people believe they know best how to create an excellent bedroom interior plan, but can they build it great? Surely, some of them are really exhilarating and bit exotic but you require having something to anticipate for.

Besides the stylish & luxurious interior design approach, you will also discover some fantastic ones that you could be relevant to your bedroom when you plan to redesign it. Do you like plush artifact a minimalist pillow, a decked-out style or toned-down interior? From dazzling abstract styles to with humor way-out sleeping areas, you can ask from interior decorators for best interior decoration service Gurgaon to style for your house so as to inspire your imagination. Who knows, with some ornamental adjusts you may be ready to transform your own bedrooms to similar result.

interior decoration

  • If you like soft illumination and hate to sacrifice privacy, you can have interior that contains a good combination of methods from up lighting round the bed itself to wall panels that block direct views and daylight however let light-weight in around them.

  • If you’re a lot of minimalist, sober could be your best fit because it contains a lilting modularity and combines soft white walls and ceiling with varied wood furnishings and furnishings for a pleasantly mixed aesthetic expertise. Have fantastic design using interior decoration services Gurgaon to accomplish your task of remodeling the entire place.

  • At the other finish of the spectrum, however would you prefer to own your dream bedroom in the middle of your pool room? You’d got to loving swimming to be willing to influence the wetness problems and harsh lighting that might go along with this style strategy.

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How Modular Kitchen Furniture can Keep You out of Trouble?

Remodeling a spacious kitchen is not a big deal but doing it same for a small kitchen where you have spec constraints is bit tedious. You are limited with the area to be redesigned, so one asks for compact and sleek Kitchen Interiors in Gurgaon for more space utility and usefulness at same time. To overcome such space constraints and give a trendy and sleek look to the kitchen interiors, there evolve various unique storage solution, ideal for any dream house.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

No matter what, you live in a small apartment or large villas, you all have the right to have perfect and innovative modular kitchen designs at reasonable price. Using unique storage solutions, having apt kitchen interiors in Gurgaon ensures you will have lot of fun while cooking. You can opt for mixing natural and ambient lighting, along with carefully chosen appliances; you can significantly make it more functional and user friendly. Using the space effectively and in right manner can avoid lots of unexpected troubles to happen in the kitchen area.

You will have enough area to move from here and here, locate your essentials in kitchen cabinets; well spacious sink area and perfect flooring keep trouble out of your way. If you have got small area to style then the matter of coming up with an excellent pattern to match your requirements is obviously, a challenging task. But technology has simplified everything; you can now have perfect modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon, that too in cost effective manner. There are many alternative cupboard styles and surface patterns which will assist in creating perfect kitchen style, the way you want.

To create small kitchen, stylish yet economical, you need to figure out what best designs will suit your demands. There exist 3 major areas of such design: storage, lighting, and appliances. Small kitchens appear to be a really troublesome in terms of styling and pose bit challenge, however they will even be purposeful, lovely and economical. Even with little budget and building restrictions, you’ll be able to realize that there are several choices receptive to help remodel your kitchen interiors into one thing that is ideal for your desires.

modular kitchen interiors in Gurgaon

To make it look more spacious, have Modular Kitchen interiors in Gurgaon that suggests distinctive storage solutions, combination of natural and close lighting, taking advantage of space available with purchase of space saving appliances. This adds personalized touches for enhanced grace to your kitchen area in much effective manner.

Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon- A Complete Makeover as per your Desire!

If the kitchen is heart of your home, there is no surprise that the outlook of a kitchen renovation can sense as daunting as any major surgery. Modular kitchen in Gurgaon is latest trend among customers nowadays. Few owners are skilled with all the design parts that compose a well-functioning room, and style mistakes will be expensive. Adding a designer to the team of execs will save time, cash and worry once you are confronting the complexities of making your dream room.

Before you select a designer, build several general style choices as doable to have best Modular kitchen in Gurgaon. Setting clear goals, notwithstanding you cannot envision them in final type, can improve communication along with your designer, and designers’ responses to your goals might verify your final alternative of the skilled whom you rent for the task.


General goals will embrace additional lightweight, intake space, deeper counter area, a separate sink for manufacture and flower composition, a baking space and residential workplace area. Creating a listing before you select a designer helps you clarify however you would like your room to perform once the work is completed and helps a designer produce a responsive overall set up. Choices like blue vs. brown tiles can return later, however an entire list is essential for making a master style set up.

Home Improvement concepts

Designers have the most effective home improvement ideas, skilled recommendation, and DIY concepts for your home. Whether or not you like to customize a basic builder style, renovate home or have Modular kitchen in Gurgaon, or learn the way to transform a kitchen or toilet, you’ll be able to produce your dream home with good designing and therefore the right home improvement contractors. Browse our home reworking concepts for comes that suit your timeframe, budget, and style. We’ll share our greatest home improvement comes, budget concepts, material recommendations, and reworking recommendation to urge your project started on the correct foot.

Learn the way to transform, the way to budget for home reworking prices, the way to set up a home addition, the way to update your home’s exterior, the way to add design to your home, and more.  Strive new interior and exterior paint colors at no cost with our virtual Color Finder tool, and take our tabletop and floor finder quizzes to find your good material matches. Designers have weekend project concepts, home plans, room and tub designing guides, and storage solutions for the task. Notice inspiration is included in Modular kitchen in Gurgaon to make loos, kitchens, garages, home offices, decks, patios, and entryways you may love.